4 - Automatic

For automatic broadcasting:

In the "edition" menu click on "Model in %"
- Choose the day of the week and the actual time slot.
- In the style column use the mouse right button and select a style in the list that appeared.
- Do this 3 or 4 times on the following lines in order to have different styles.
- Click with the mouse right button in the chosen time slot. Then select the % you want of this style.
-The final result should be equal to a hundred percent and appear in green.
- Finish your work by clicking on the "save" button to save your work.

Here we are in the skeleton mode!

We are going to define a precise order of song styles day by day - slice by slice.

This allows us to begin a time slot with a specified music style.

To test the automatic broadcasting mode click on 
The software begins the automatic broadcasting and the songs are chosen in function of the % you defined for each style or of the skeleton. Jingles will automatically be inserted every x minutes.

5 - LIVE

For live broadcasting click on the button 
Search for a song typing at least 3 letters of its title or artist in the search box.

- Select a song and drag it with the mouse into the broadcasting list.

- Do so until you find your broadcasting list good.

- If you don't want a song you've inserted in the broadcasting list anymore you can delete it from the broadcasting list using the "delete" key of your keyboard or using the mouse right button.


- In case you don't know what to insert in your broadcasting list you can always use the "Request" button. By pressing this button your software will add songs to the broadcasting list according to the initially defined percent of each style for that time slot.
To begin using Gate Radio Pro in live mode click on the "Play" button
- If you want to insert a capella jingle (in the middle or in the intro of a song): Click on jingles, choose a voice jingle and push the "Sur impression" ("On print") button.

It is also possible to insert a jingle after the song being broadcasted now, which can be done dragging a jingle to the top of the broadcasting list.

It will be plaid just at the end of the current song.

You can also stop (with a fade out) the actual song by clicking the "stop button" or pressing the 0 Key. Its also possible to link sound files with each of the nine number keys of the keyboard.